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Do Nofollow links increase traffic and PageRank?

There is a general conception that NoFollow links are rubbish, so you have to wonder; is there any value in accumulating them?

The theory is NoFollow backlinks do not get indexed, this is perhaps true for a percentage of the sites out there but from experience, I can confirm that NoFollow links do indeed get indexed.

So for what reason does this happen? Well, it’s all about site authority and link relevance. Large amounts of NoFollow links do get indexed but they get indexed because of the content on that site. Despite the fact they are unlikely to increase your backlink count, there is a popular belief that suggests they will increase your PageRank.  However, for the simple reason that the link is indexed and is therefore displayed in the SERP’s, they will ultimately bring in traffic!

50% of the battle is the relevance of the link.  In order to get NoFollow links indexed they must comprise keyword rich relevant information. It’s important not to spam your keyword! Responding to questions on high PR Forums is a good example, if you answer a question making sure you include your keyword in the answer.  The question and the result (your answer and backlink) will then appear on the indexed page, meaning that it will get indexed and it will get listed even though it’s not going to increase your backlink score.

The other 50 percent of the battle is authority, Look for authority websites with lots of visitors and lots of indexed pages, google especially will index and list both the question and your answer and with it, a link to your website. (No backlink just indexed).

So the question is, are NoFollow links useless? Not at all, you should make NoFollow linking an integral part of your ‘traffic creation’ exploits.  However, you have got to make sure you find the correct sites to get your links from. Remember RELEVANCE & AUTHORITY.

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11 comments to Do Nofollow links increase traffic and PageRank?

  • A higher page ranking will always serve as a dream for many website owners. Thanks for posting this little guide on page ranking.

  • Thanks for the tips. Its not very easy to find blogs like yours. Really enjoyed reading and will certainly bookmark this post. Will also subscribe to feeds.

  • Thank you for this quick primer on the Do nofollow links. As a relative newbie to this whole internet marketing game and an independent book publisher, it’s often quite confusing. I found it far easier to just write a quality English textbook than master all the subtle nuances of website promotion. Your article, however, helped clear away some of the clouds of confusion.

    Again, thank you.

  • Canon T1i Says: “Good Post – Very Useful Information. Thanks a lot.”

  • fine website – i like it.

  • Excellent post. Providing quality backlinks to your website is the most important point as far as an effective search engine optimization is concerned. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Interesting
    What you mentions can basically be interpreted this way:
    A-Google sees a nofollow link as a culprit till proven trustworthy
    B-When you contribute good content by answering questions,posting classified ads under appropriate castegories,you just prove so,so you nofollow link will be treated as coming from a trustworthy source and you get a little bonus for that.
    In conclusion,google indexes the nofollow link for the sake of its users(searchers)

  • very informative article

  • I think nofollow links do increase your pagerank, they also bring quality traffic to your website. I think that the nofollow relation for anchor text is pointless. Maybe if Google penalized your website more heavily for having too many nofollow links, then I would see the point.

  • Thank you for a very helpful and informative blog. I recently read somewhere that nofollow .edu links in particular are very powerful and have a huge influence on your pagerank.
    Would you say this is true?

  • Thanks for your post, it’s very helpful. I’ll try the nofollow .edu links strategy that Free Ebooks suggests. Your information confirmed what I thought, that nofollow links can be as useful as dofollow ones in many cases.

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