Web Traffic Genius Review

Web Traffic Genius

I purchased Web Traffic Genius for the automatic creation of back-links on the content posts for several of my Blogs. I decided to see if the product claims were true: Does it create more Back-links for my sites? Will it increase my search engine rank and ultimately will it increase my Website traffic?

Web Traffic Genius was originally called “RSS Power” and is now supplied for a single purchase price in two different versions. The “WordPress Plugin” version was what I was mainly interested in but you are also given an HTML website version that will run fine in most environments and can be used (with less automation) on more or less any website. What WTG does is create a new unique RSS Feed for each and every new entry on your site or Blog, it then completely automatically submits these newly created RSS Feeds to over 20 of the top ranked RSS aggregators on the internet. What’s more, all of the RSS aggregators have a PR5 or better. You can also create additional accounts with some of these services as well, plus, you can create extra feeds that will create even more backlinks for your websites. Your regular RSS Feed (if you have one) is not effected at all and will continue to operate as normal. The new feeds are automatically created and placed in a new sub-folder within your website infrastructure. The process creates huge volumes of backlinks for your sites by way of the RSS Aggregator sites.

Within just 7 days of using the product I was able to substantially improve my positions in Google. The really good thing is that it’s a multiple use license and I can install it on as many sites as I want.  What’s more Web Traffic Genius has import and export features, so I only have to set it up once and then I can import my set-up into every WordPress Blog or website I own.

In my opinion this is an absolute must for WordPress Blog owners, Web Traffic Genius will automatically build multiple high-profile back-links and will ultimately build traffic momentum and it will do it every time you create a new post on your Blog.

Web Traffic Genius won’t necessarily give you instant results in traffic right away. You will start by seeing an increase in rank and this will be followed by a significant increase traffic. The benefits of using this tool will probably take a month + to really be appreciated, but trust me it will really pay off.

For more information on Web Traffic Genius Pro, click here now: Web Traffic Genius

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