SpeedPPC Review – Pay Per Click Campaign Optimizer

SpeedPPC Review – SpeedPPC The Pay Per Click Campaign Optimizer.

SpeedPPC - PPC Marketing at Warp Speed

SpeedPPC is used and trusted by thousands of PPC experts. It is used in over 90 countries because of it’s ability to drive more profitable PPC traffic than was ever previously possible. You can create super targeted PPC campaigns that quite simply out-maneuver and out-perform your competitors thus making your business far more profitable.

SpeedPPC – conversion kicker
SpeedPPC is an brilliant set up accelerator for Pay-Per-Click campaigns and has a feature called a conversion kicker.

SpeedPPC is the product for you if you want to set up a substantial AdWords campaign using a wide range of keywords with ads that are carefully crafted to get high click through rates and then drive all the resultant traffic to landing pages that themselves are relevant to that traffic and include the keyword text (to reduce bounce rates and increase conversions) and you want to do this really fast.

On the sales page you’ll see a demo of how one campaign was set up in just 12 minutes to include:

8720 low competition keywords
436 tightly themed Ad Groups
1744 ads – 4 per Ad Group
8720 focused landing pages

All in 12 minutes!

Which search engine PPC systems does SpeedPPC work with?

Google AdWordsSpeedPPC
Yahoo! Search Marketing
MSN adCenter
ABC Search
Affiliate Radar

There’s more info on the site including an interesting “how SpeedPPC works” section

Here is what PPC power pack contains:

WordPress Dynamic Landing Page Plug-in
They’ve created a private plug-in specifically for the WordPress platform that allows you to dynamically pass in keywords to your website pages through the URL to help you get an increase in Quality Score and conversions

Affiliate Datafeed/ Advanced Landing Page Generator
Their most advanced landing page system will have your mind spinning with ideas. It allows you to load product/item/affiliate datafeed CSV files into our software (which you install on your server) and you can dynamically generate detailed landing pages on the fly simply by passing keywords into it. Insanely powerful.

15 Tested Landing Page Templates (including PSD’s)
Provide high quality landing pages based on proven, tested, high conversion principles

In-house Quality Score Guide

400+ Extra Keyword Expansion Lists
Known expressions for expanding out and finding quality buying keywords

Accelerate your PPC campaign building success
Super fast PPC campaign building technology – build 8720 low competition keywords in 436 tightly themed Ad Groups at the same time build 1744 ads – 4 per Ad Group and 8720 focused landing pages all with withing minutes!

Over the past decade, pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising has been one of the most effective methods of driving targeted traffic to your website. Fortunes have been made and companies have created huge communities through effective PPC ad campaigns that are in sync with their target audiences. With PPC, you can generate tons of targeted traffic to any web page in a matter of minutes. You’re only limited by your imagination and your advertising budget.

But, as the PPC marketplace has matured, competition has increased and costs have risen. Gone are the days when you could grab a few keywords, slap up a hastily-written ad, and experience PPC success. Today, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can quickly spend a lot of money with very poor results. To put it another way… Smart advertisers win. It’s time to take PPC seriously.

That’s where SpeedPPC comes in. SpeedPPC is a software solution for dominating PPC marketing. With SpeedPPC, you have the tools to quickly build, optimize, upload, and track PPC campaigns that deliver great Quality Scores and help you catch the longtail. In simple terms, by doubling your Quality Score, you halve your costs. And SpeedPPC v4.5 takes PPC campaign building to the next level.

How SpeedPPC Works

The new line of attack for PPC marketing

SpeedPPC is based on ultra-smart methodologies.

Relevancy and quality score are vital for your campaigns’ success. That means tight-knit relationships between your keywords, ads and landing pages.

SpeedPPC’s patent-pending process builds the anatomy of a perfect campaign – in a way that makes it easy and hassle-free for you!

You can launch powerful PPC marketing campaigns of any volume, quickly and effortlessly.

Click SpeedPPC to visit the website

The future of SEO is CONTENT!

Content is Still The Furure of SEO

Content - The Key To SEO

Content is, was and always will be the future of SEO! Search engines love content, give them juicy nuggets of unique information and you will be rewarded.

The rewards are numerous:

  • The more content you write and get indexed the more chances you have of appearing in a related search
  • The better your content is the more chances there is of someone giving you a backlink, trackback or bookmark
  • The more backlinks you have the more non-search engine visitors will visit your site
  • The more backlinks you have the higher you will feature in the SERP’s

Take this blog for example: I write maybe one article a month, I do absolutely no backlinking whatsoever, I often forget I own it from one week to the next…  Yet it receives 20K to 30K unique visitors per month and consistently earns me between $400 -$700 over that period. Personally, I think it could earn a whole lot more than that but this site was a “labor of love” and I do precious little to monetize it!

So let your content pull-in the search engines and backlinks… if your content is even half decent people will link to it. Once your site is established you don’t even need to get your posts indexed, an article posted on this site can and often does show up in the search results within 30 minutes of being published.

Many internet entrepreneurs fail to see how content writing can benefit an internet retail or eCommerce site. Well, here’s the trick, start a blog alongside your retail site. Write about your industry in general and link the articles back to your product pages but more importantly write about your products, write about them in as many different ways as you can. Write about each product more than once but each time focus on different variables such as sizes, colours, locations and other product options. Each article gives you a chance of being found when a customers types in a specific product search.

Example Article Title:

Featuring the Dr Martens 2976 Boots -Size 9 Boots in GAUCHO or Brown

This may feature in a search for “Dr Martins Boots” but probably wont. However, it stands a great chance of featuring in a search for “Dr Martins Boots size 9 in brown” or numerous other variations of that search… And believe me many customers are that specific when they search for products. What’s more, it’s often the case that the more specific the search expression is the closer the customer is to making a buying decision! Think about it, while your researching the market your searches tend to be very general but when you’ve decided what you want and you’re about to buy it, your searches tend to become very specific.

I have many articles that pull 2K+ UV’s per month but I also have articles that pull just 50 UV’s per month that are just as profitable. Simply because they are very focused articles and therefore convert the visitors at ridiculously high rates.

Nothing is free but once I’ve invested my 20-30 minutes to write an article (or pay someone to do it for me) there’s nothing more to pay and if that article converts just 10 times a year for the next five years it’s time  / money well spent!

This process may be a little slow and boring compared to the immediate hit you get from paid traffic but it’s solid sustainable income that grows your internet business month on month with no additional investment apart from the time it takes to keep building your online infrastructure.