Web Traffic Genius Review

Web Traffic Genius

I purchased Web Traffic Genius for the automatic creation of back-links on the content posts for several of my Blogs. I decided to see if the product claims were true: Does it create more Back-links for my sites? Will it increase my search engine rank and ultimately will it increase my Website traffic?

Web Traffic Genius was originally called “RSS Power” and is now supplied for a single purchase price in two different versions. The “WordPress Plugin” version was what I was mainly interested in but you are also given an HTML website version that will run fine in most environments and can be used (with less automation) on more or less any website. What WTG does is create a new unique RSS Feed for each and every new entry on your site or Blog, it then completely automatically submits these newly created RSS Feeds to over 20 of the top ranked RSS aggregators on the internet. What’s more, all of the RSS aggregators have a PR5 or better. You can also create additional accounts with some of these services as well, plus, you can create extra feeds that will create even more backlinks for your websites. Your regular RSS Feed (if you have one) is not effected at all and will continue to operate as normal. The new feeds are automatically created and placed in a new sub-folder within your website infrastructure. The process creates huge volumes of backlinks for your sites by way of the RSS Aggregator sites.

Within just 7 days of using the product I was able to substantially improve my positions in Google. The really good thing is that it’s a multiple use license and I can install it on as many sites as I want.  What’s more Web Traffic Genius has import and export features, so I only have to set it up once and then I can import my set-up into every WordPress Blog or website I own.

In my opinion this is an absolute must for WordPress Blog owners, Web Traffic Genius will automatically build multiple high-profile back-links and will ultimately build traffic momentum and it will do it every time you create a new post on your Blog.

Web Traffic Genius won’t necessarily give you instant results in traffic right away. You will start by seeing an increase in rank and this will be followed by a significant increase traffic. The benefits of using this tool will probably take a month + to really be appreciated, but trust me it will really pay off.

For more information on Web Traffic Genius Pro, click here now: Web Traffic Genius

Anchor text – how to use it and how you would like other sites to backlink to you

anchor_textIt’s first important to understand ‘Anchor text’ and how to use it on your own site and how you would like other sites to use it when linking to you.  ‘Anchor text’ is the word/words on a web page used to attach a hyperlink to. In other words, the phrase or expressions you click when following a link to another web page or website.

wireless camera” is an example where ‘wireless camera’ is what we call the anchor text.

The ‘anchor text’ gives the visitors to your site information about the content of the page behind the link.  Anchor text is important because it informs both human visitors and search engine robots what the target page is all about.

If you use generic expressions like “click here” as your anchor text, you are telling the search engine that the target page is about “click here”. A text link from one site to another should reference what the target page is all about. Search engines read the ‘anchor text’ and make the assumption that if you call the link ‘click here’ the page is all about ‘click here’s’. This is clearly not going to help with the optimization of the page.

Proof of how important anchor text is that it’s possible to get a page listed in the top 10 on Google for a phrase that does not appear in the pages content. In other words, using anchored links from several high ranking third-party sites could push a page to the top of Google for the expression featured in the anchor text even though the page is neither about or features the anchor text expression in its content.

When asking sites to link to you, consider providing the link code for them. If you provide the HTML code so they can simply cut and paste it into their page, you get to choose your own anchor text. An example of the link code you might provide could look something like this:

<a href=”http://www.pakatak.co.uk/camera/camera.htm”>
Wireless Cameras</a>

Mix your text links up! Use different expressions so as to avoid over optimizing any one expression.

Anchor text should be well utilized for your:

  • Incoming links – links from other sites
  • External links – links to other sites
  • Internal links – links on your pages to other pages on your site
  • Site map links – one page that links to every other page on your site
  • Home page links – links on your home page to other pages on your site

Using Keywords in your body text to Create Anchor Text

Try to use important keyword phrases in your page’s body text and link it to relevant target pages within your own site. The paragraph below is an example of how this can be achieved:


Wireless cameras are getting smaller and lighter and at the same time wireless camera prices are coming down. The Spy camera and covert camera ranges have seen a steady reduction in cost and at the same time product quality and wireless transmission ranges have increased. Without obstacles our covert cameras will transmit a clear wireless signal up to 100m. Some of the larger Infrared camera units have detachable yagi antennas meaning that wireless transmission distances can be easily increased with high gain antennas. The night vision camera and infrared camera ranges have also seen the same reduction in price but unit sizes have stayed constant to incorporate the Infrared LED’s.


This example has been exaggerated but it shows how easy it is to first of all weight the text on your site with your target expressions and on occasions, anchor the text with a link to another area of your website.

Keyword density is used to describe the percentage of keywords to normal text contained on your web page. Keyword density should not generally exceed 20%

Don’t forget that people will also read your anchor text links. Make sure that the words in your anchor text also make sense to your human visitors.